Radical Face | Touch The Sky EP

Radical Face is one of the many associated acts of musician Ben Cooper, a Florida native whose latest recording Touch The Sky EP is an exceptional bit of easy listening.   You might like this EP if you are into breezy guitar riffs and songs with portions of rhythm provided but clapping hands that lead into harmonic choruses… which is exactly how the EP starts off with the track Welcome Home.  The album proceeds from that height and does not disappoint.  Ben Cooper has released one full length album under the Radical Face band name called Junkyard Chandelier which went mostly unnoticed by most.  Radical Face’s Touch The Sky EP is filled with wonderful moments that will no doubt never be heard by more than a handful of people unless one of the tracks ends up on an automotive or Apple commercial.   

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Jessika said...

I think Ben Coopers work should be appreciated by more. His work is strange but capturing. I think anyone could enjoy his music.