The Like | A Review of Release Me

The L.A. California based band The Like are set to release their sophomore album Release Me on June 19th . Their first was a bit of a flop back in 2005 but the band has returned with a few new members and a more refined sound. With a style reminiscent of the 60s (some guitar riffs feel like they were stripped straight out of The Beatles anthology), that isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. The retro feel of this album should not come as any surprise to those paying attention to the more impressive contributions of the L.A. music scene. Last year the freshmen act, Dawes came out with a roots rock album called North Hills, which could replace one or more favorite classic rock road trip albums in your collection. And like Dawes, The Like have taken their cues from a more glorious time in music with Release Me. What makes this album worth listening to? It’s simple… because it works. Put the girl band thing aside for a moment and think about the music, it’s well put together, it does justice to the era it is drawing influences from and most importantly it’s good.

Note: About the girl band comment: Call it what you want a Girl band or a Lady Band, the fact is it needs to be addressed because the comparisons that can be drawn from other such bands. Take for instance another Lady led band Magneta Lane; a group of young women hailing from Toronto who are putting out music comparable to that of The Like. The only things that make them comparable is that they are both comprised of an all female group, both take their inspiration from past glory of other eras and both make for an appealing musical experience. The comparison would have never been made if it had not been for the all lady line ups in both bands. So there.

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