Foals | A Review of Total Life Forever

A five man band from Oxford England, Foals are set to release their second album entitled Total Life Forever. Their debut album of 2008, Antidotes was regarded by most as a successful introduction to the public. The fast paced and playful disposition of that album set to an electronically induced backdrop captured a distinctively more upbeat musical variant coming out of Britain. Other bands such as The XX, White Lies, The Big Pink and others stand among the artistic/regional peers of Foals, but all those mentioned have a more darkened tone to their music, making Foals not sunny by any stretch but on the brighter side of the musical scale.

As a band Foals seem to take their influences from the electronic styles populating the music of the late 70s and 80s and you can hear it in almost every track with the synth background rhythms. Foals music is not just to be confined to the synth basket at the local record shop. It is a fusion of rock, techno and dance with a healthy dose of vocal harmonies that insights a sense of resonance.

The album starts off by lulling you into believing that you have by accident put in a Fleet Foxes album as the track Blue Blood begins in that style only to evolve into a more Foals like creation. The album moves in waves, receding only to later burst in a poppy barrage guitars and synth rhythms. Definitely a solid second act for the band.

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