Detroit Social Club | A Review of Existence

Detroit Social Club is a six man band that hails from Tyneside, England and has become rather well known within their country. Though they have not made a name for themselves across the pond their brand of rock is top notch. There have been a few indie acts of note to come out of the U.K. recently, Let’s Wrestle, The Big Pink and The XX. They are not exactly fresh acts, but they are good none the less. Detroit Social Club is a low-fi type of band and it is in the best possible way, the slightly grainy audio quality matched with the ample amounts of distorted guitar create a distinctive atmosphere on the album. Some of the tracks are comparable to the style of Oasis or Kasabian, like Lights of Life but that doesn’t mean this band is without a voice of its own. It is within the realm of what is going on musically in Britain for the past couple of decades and no one here is complaining. Detroit Social Club has put on a solid third act with Existence and should be given a listen.

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