Deer Tick | A Review of The Black Dirt Sessions

Deer Tick, a band that hails from Providence Road Island is set to release their third album The Black Dirt Sessions in early June of this year. The band has made a name for itself by playing country/blues hybrid making their sound one that is hard to categorize. If there were a band that Deer Tick could be compared to in terms of style it would be Neutral Milk Hotel; a now long over indie band out of Louisiana whose influences can still be felt across the board.

The raspy vocals delivered by lead singer John McCauley resonate throughout the band’s music, the sound of McCauley’s voice stretch and strain to hit those high notes offers the listener a unique experience. Though, some of the tracks off of The Black Dirt Sessions album can sound like they are being sung by David Gray and not McCauley, but this is a minor setback. The album is a worthy follow up to the band’s sophomore effort Born On Flag Day, which did illustrate that Deer Tick is a band that should be watched. And with the rate they are releasing excellent material is also of note, it has only been a year since the release of Born On Flag Day and The Black Dirt Sessions is as good if not better than that album.

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