Woods | A Brief Overview of At Echo Lake

At Echo LakeWoods, a Brooklyn, N.Y. band, is set to release a new album in the upcoming month called At Echo Lake. The band that is well known for its love of the lo-fi sound has produced yet another homemade sounding garage-band LP. Slightly psychedelic with echoing vocals, (there is a reason why the album is titled At Echo Lake) and it’s all of the echo effect applied to the vocalist. The electric guitar portions are brazen and overlapping at times providing a thick melodic atmosphere. In other parts of the album the breezy acoustic guitar takes center stage and brings out the folksier side of Woods.

Warning: Don’t listen to the track Deep if you are wearing headphones, stoned or engaged in other mind-altering activities because the stereo clapping portion of this track sounds like it’s coming from all around you and the rhythm of it might make you think that there is someone next to you trying to get your attention in the most intrusive way possible. But no one’s there!

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