Sophie Hunger | 1983

As far as indie pop goes, what seems slightly odd to the average music listener is standard fair. Sophie Hunger is a prime example of an indie pop act, she and her band enjoy playing around with ballads incorporating the various language skills that Hunger possesses by moving from English to German to what sounds like French (but is in fact a Swiss dialect) throughout the new album. This isn’t Sophie Hunger’s first go at making music. Hailing from Zurich Germany, Hunger is associated with two other projects and this album 1983 is her third made under her name. 1983 is a collection of delicate tracks that amount to something of substance and impressive design. A good album for the background of a local CafĂ© , something subtle and interesting to muse over while sipping your coffee or tea. Highlights off of 1983 are; Headlights, Citylights Forever and D’Red.

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