Phosphorescent | Here’s To Taking It Easy

There are some bands that just seem to get it. Based out of Brooklyn N.Y. the band Phosphorescent is set to release its sixth album called Here’s To Taking It Easy. Phosphorescent is a part of the growing number of musical acts that have made it their purpose in life to blur the lines between country music and progressive indie folk. This might be traumatic to those music snobs who proudly sport an “I Hate Country Music” bumper sticker and believe in the unequivocal dismissal of anything with a classic country riff. Matt Houck the band’s vocalist grounds the whole endeavor delivering a gentle set of songs one after another in an effortless parade of vocal prowess. Contemporaries of Phosphorescent would be: Deer Tick, Jim James, Matt Ward and Dawes. Possible influences of Phosphorescent could be: Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash.

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