We Were Promised Jetpacks | The Last Place You’ll Look EP Review

A band hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland has recently come out with an EP of note. There are more than enough EPs floating around, but every once and a while one comes along that makes you excited to hear and learn more about a band. And that is what The Last Place You’ll Look EP has done for We Were Promised Jetpacks. The lead singer, Adam Thompson has enough sadness inhis voice to make even some of the weaker lyrics ring out with forceful melancholy. Their First Album entitled These Four Walls garnered some critical prays from Rolling Stone back in the summer of 2009. As a freshman effort for a young band it was above average, though take away the Scottish brogue and you were left with something that sounds like My Chemical Romance or AFI (as in too many grandstanding finishes to choruses). Their EP, The Last Place You’ll Look
is much more subtle and delivers on many levels, such as its ability to comfortably shift from extended instrumental portions right back into provocative sung. Not to mention the use of more classical stringed instruments on this EP, which is done to great effect providing a resonating back drop for the rest of the softly performed instruments to play away. An Element not heard on their first album.
What this EP does, and what any decent EP should do really, is it gets you excited about what the band’s next LP will bring. But more than that, this EP stands out as a well executed musical work in and of itself with every track worth multiple listens.

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