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MGMT will be releasing their third album on April 13th 2010 entitled Congratulations. After the massive success of their last album Oracular Spectacular with its indie funk fusion goodness, those who pick up the new album will be in for a bit of a surprise. It appears that the men who make up MGMT, Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden have chosen to approach Congratulations from a different angle. Don’t expect to find any of the new songs on this album populating a club’s musical backdrop. Also, (to the hardcore fans) don’t lose your shit! This may be a different side of Brooklyn’s MGMT but that doesn’t mean Congratulations isn’t good, because it is. MGMT has always had a bit of neo-psychedelica at the heart of all their songs, that abstract dream like imagery delivered in tracks such as Kids, Time To Pretend and others are only amplified when put to a more St. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band-centric style of music.

You get the feeling that when this album was been penned and produced those involved were listening to a lot of Dr. Dog, Sunset Rubdown and anything with Jim James in it. Congratulations with its sitar filled melodies resonating with spot on harmonies, deserves just what the album’s title exclaims… congratulations. This is their first wholly original album since their first, under the band’s original name, The Management. If anyone was paying attention last year, a whole host of bands came out with very good, very welcome variations on the diverging subgenres of psychedelic rock. So, it is not that far of a stretch to think MGMT would come out with an interpretation of their own, as this is not that far of a departure for the band, in terms of lyrical content. You are not going to hear the twelve minute plus track off of the new one, Siberian Breaks at any clubs. Congratulations is an engaging album filled with tracks to be explored and listened to multiple times. Though it may not be the energy filled playground that Oracular Spectacular was Congratulations still stands up when compared to its predecessor.

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Also and as a goodwill gesture to fans and bloggers, an exclusive preview stream of the full album is currently available via the band’s website at www.whoismgmt.com ... .. this is for hyper-linking ONLY and for streaming by fans directly off the band’s official website, so please reciprocate this goodwill gesture by NOT ripping or embedding these files.

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