Maximilian Hecker | Poking Fun At I Am Nothing But Emotion, No Human Being, No Son, Never Again Son

I Am Nothing But Emotion... (Bonustrack Version)The German musician Maximilian Hecker has been making sad sappy music for a number of years now. The songs are so introspective, charged with the melancholic energy of a thousand lonely hearts and his new album, I Am Nothing But Emotion, has fifty two minutes worth of it. To say Hecker doesn’t do justice to his arid piano pop would be wrong. He puts any of the current sad balladeers at notice, look out Damien Rice and Ryan Adams! But in all seriousness, there is a place for such music in the world and Hecker is a fine example of it. On this album you will find gently plucked and strummed guitar portions accompanied by whimsical piano portions I Am Nothing But Emotion... Wait! Let’s just say something about that album title for a moment; has there ever been a more apropos title to an album? Hecker is nothing but emotion on this album, so much so that it boarders on embarrassing when listening to it. Look out for key phrases like, I’m lonely, I need you, I’m crying, Wake me up if I’m crying... and so on.

Getting back to it, the performance delivered on the album is quite lively especially when taking into consideration the subject matter. This album belongs in your sad album stash right next to the Damien Rice’s O album and The Antlers’ Hospice album. For those times when the world seems so uninviting and the only thing you can find satisfying is the knowledge that someone has it worse than you and decided to put it to song.

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