Clem Snide | The Meat of Life Review

The Meat of LifeClem Snide is a seasoned band based out of New York with a style of music that can best be described as a mix of folk rock, and yes country (ignore the shivers going down your spine for a moment, at the mention of the ‘c’ word). They are more folksy than anything. In fact this album, The Meat of Life, is reminiscent of Matt Ward’s 2009 effort Hold Time. Though, The Meat of Life is on the more whimsical side of things and has a more straightforward range of musical style it still hits the right notes where it counts. The Meat of Life delivers on several fronts, it manages to charm the listener with whimsical lyrics and imagery while at the same time maintaining an evenly toned musical backdrop. The album begins with the track Walmart Parking Lot which dances between breezy guitars and tightening piano portions wetting the apatite of the listener immediately.

But this is not Clem Snide’s first time around and you can tell, as their seventh album The Meat of Life highlights the band’s ability to produce ballads with a level quality that can stand up to anyone making similar music today. You can find an example of this teary balladry on the cut Denver, slow and methodical, it tells a sad love story, universal in its meaning and relatability.

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