Zeus | First Impressions of Zeus & Their Debut Album Say Us

Say UsPsychedelica is the most impressive revival to find its self among the indie bands. The past few years have produced some spectacular acts that summon the spirits of the beloved genre of The Beatles, The Grateful Dead and so on. Current bands such as Dr. Dog, Sunset Rubdown, and to a certain extent My Morning Jacket have produced some outstanding albums filled with richly surreal lyrics and extended instrumental parts that would make any original creators of the genre grin uncontrollably with pride that their sound still has a place in the world and is being worked in powerful new ways.

Zeus a band based out of Toronto, Ontario has also taken up the technicolour banner of the genre with its debut album Say Us. In it, the band brings this expansive expression of rock to life. With its piano pounding, sternum vibrating base lines along with spin inducing choruses, take the listener on a very vivid auditory journey throughout Say Us. The subtle fuzz added to the guitars is accompanied seamlessly with the albums well placed harmonies delivered by the members of the band.

Say Us is due out February 23rd and if you are a fan of this genre it is a must have and if you are new to it then it is one of the more palatable variations out their, Dr. Dog and Sunset Rubdown (especially the first two album of Sunset Rubdown) take patients and multiple listens to really enjoy. Whereas with Zeus you can jump in right head first and you will never feel like you are in foreign waters.

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