Jason Boesel | Hustler's Son

Hustler's SonFew drummers ever have the chance/willingness to step to the front of the stage. Jason Boesel has done just that with his first solo album entitled Hustler’s Son. Boesel has been an associate drummer for bands like The Elected, Bright Eyes and others for the better part of his musical career. You can count on one hand how many drummers have successfully made the transition from the heart of the band to the face of the band, Dave Grohl, Phil Collins and Don Henley are the ones that come to mind offhand. It takes a certain kind of musician to make that kind of transition, and Boesel does just that with this sole project. The album itself is a very thoughtful representation of an artist who doesn’t mind delving into the roots of rock from inspiration. When listening to the Hustler’s Son you get the impression that Boesel was listening to a healthy mixture of Dylan, The Band and other bands of that nature while preparing to make the album.

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