Hindi Zahra | Taking A Look At Handmade

Hindi Zahra has come out with an album of note called Handmade. The Paris based musician’s album is the first memorable one of its sort to come out since the dawn of the New Year. A gentle collection of tracks filled with arid acoustic guitar riffs accompanied by Zahra’s vocals which at times conger up memories of the great Billie Holiday. In the world of current music though, among her peers Zahra would be more comparable to a Leslie Feist than Lily Allen. In fact, as with Feist’s album Let It Die, Zahra’s Handmade moves between songs sung in French and English.

Handmade moves in tone from more the more playful, with tracks like Beautiful Tango to the more sultry with tracks like Kiss & Thrills. On the whole the album contains a set of cuts that truly come to life while you listen to them. Last year had no shortage of folk/blues albums but only a few of them had the stamina to retain interest for multiple listens, such as M. Ward’s Hold Time. Handmade has definitely been crafted with care.

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