The Fieros | The Fieros Self-titled EP

The Fieros, a quartet based out of Brooklyn, New York has released an EP under the same title as the band. The band has made some waves with this little EP since its release at the end of January this year, making it onto the coveted (yet sometimes misleading) Indie Spotlight on iTunes. The EP itself lets potential listeners know what the band is about right off the bat. The album art calls to mind a cover from some 60’s music magazine that would feature “The Twist” and the increasing frenzy over this new act called The Beatles. In reality though, what you get from this EP is the previously nonexistent excitement for the full length LP which we should be released soon enough.

But why should you be excited about The Fieros, haven’t we heard their style of music before? The tracks that make up their Self-titled EP are reminiscent of acts like The Caesars, Oasis, and (as more of a contemporary) The Black Box Revolution. That’s just it, The Fieros are a nice taste of something our musical palates are all too ready for, but have gone unsated for far too long. Hopefully, the full length album that they have yet to release will deliver what their EP did, a straightforward alternative rock album, and be album to live up to the anticipation their EP has created for it.

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