David Bowie | A Reality Tour Live Album

There are few musicians with the influence of David Bowie, he is a living legend. You can say what you will about his more recent contributions to his catalogue but songs like Space Oddity and Heroes are ingrained in the collective consciousness of innumerable people. As a live album A Reality Tour highlights the enduring power of Bowie. Not only has he maintained his ability to perform such high energy performances, unlike so many of his peers, he also still… well… looks like David Bowie. So many other musicians of Bowie’s generation have faded to mere shadows of themselves, skeletal and used up. With this new live album recorded during Bowie’s last tour you get the feeling his music is alive and well. And Bowie still loves to perform, that is clear from this album, with a career that spans over three decades the man still has that spark.

Most of us grew up listening to David Bowie but few have though had the privilege to see him perform live. This album could be as close as most of people will get to a live Bowie performance, hopefully not but for now this live album will do. Lets all indulge in a little hero worship with this one. BOWIE!

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