The Soft Pack | First Impressions of The Self-Tilted Debut LP

The Soft Pack has managed to create a memorable experience with their debut LP. This catchy California garage rock is a pleasure to listen to, being accompanied by the obligatory ramshackle vocals of any self respecting garage band. The band has found itself in good company of late touring with the UK breakout group White Lies over the past year. Oddly enough, The Soft Pack found success under a different name, The Muslims not to long ago only to rebrand themselves The Soft Pack. The reasoning behind the changed seemed to be based on the shear amount of negativity the band faced in certain, less sophisticated circles. Under any banner The Soft Pack make an impression infusing elements of garage bandpop with long winded guitar solos. The album plays out like a casual encounter of the best kind where all parties concerned walk away satisfied.
The Muslims

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