Get Well Soon | Vexations Review

Indie pop can often be lost in the fog of over enthusiasm and dosed with a dreadful amount of pep. Get Well Soon may have a pop base but it’s hardly a one trick pony. Cantering from simplistic songs to more intricate ones from track to track this German band seems to take its cues from the likes of Fanfarlo or more famously, of a similar bread of band Arcade Fire. These bands seem to revel in the complexities of music, incorporating every instrument they can get their hands on into their music. With others bands who attempt the same, it’s not such a success. But in Vexations, the second album to come for Get Well Soon, the cacophony of noise makes for a pleasurable listen. The album itself has a cohesive overall tone, held together by lead singer Konstantin Gropper. The best tracks of the album are, Red Nose Day, A Voice In The Louvre and We Are Ghosts.

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