Adam Green | Minor Love Review

Crooning, garage band, roots rock is what Adam Green delivers in his new album Minor Love. Formerly of The Moldy Peaches, Green has created a more mature album in comparison this time around despite some mentions of flatulence in a song or two. Minor Love could be cast aside as a Lou Reed imitation, though the style may be similar the bones of the music are distinct and notably individual, with a relaxed indie folk tone at times the likes you would hear on M. Ward’s last album.
Lyrics for the ages may be lingering on Minor Love. Green delivers with the lyrics on this one, making the instrumental parts fade into the background like so much white noise in comparison. Perhaps inspired by the troubles the musician is going through, a divorce is never a pleasant experience but makes for an excellent set of bitter ballads. Lyrics that stand out are “Join the living obnoxious lullabies…” in Give Them A Token and “To all those special friends, slated to meet you, I’d new I’d never stay. I don’t believe you.” on Bathing Birds manage to capture the tone of this misanthropic album.
Friends Of MineIn the Buddy Bradley music video, which is the second of four videos shot by director Dima Dubson for Green’s new album, you can sense the distain Green has for normality as he candidly moves his way through city streets like an intoxicated busker. The reactions of the surrounding pedestrians as Green saunters his way through them mouthing the lyrics of Buddy Bradley, are very funny and if staged, were done so very well by director Dubson.

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