Whitfield | Looking At Their New EP Tornado Cutie

They are based out of Vancouver B.C., however, all but one of the members of the band is Canadian. The others originally hail from the U.K., most obviously from across the pond is lead singer Jobie Mallett. There have been many notable U.K. acts to distinguish themselves over the past year, making use of The Cure’s catalogue as inspiration, (The Bravery and White Lies to name a few). Whitfield although are ostensibly a band of the U.K. seem to take from a similar generation as inspiration, but doesn’t lean so heavily on the likes of Robert Smith. The EP itself is well put together and each track is worth listening to, and will make you excited to hear their full length LP once it comes out. You can download this EP for free from their myspace page http://www.myspace.com/whitfieldtheband but only if you tell five friends, i.e. give them five more email addresses to add to their mailing list, or you can pay between $1 to $25. This marketing strategy has become the norm for most indie bands. In order to gain any popularity among the download generation unsigned or unknown musicians have to at least present current or perspective fans with the choice to either pay very little or not at all. This just seems to be the way the music industry is going, digital music has taken on a purely emotional value with little to no economic value attached to it by its listeners.

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