The Mess Hall | Taking a Look at the Album For the Birds

There are now two Aussie bands that we need to pay attention to. Wolfmother is a must and has proven itself a power house to be reckoned with, the other is The Mess Hall. The Mess HahUHall is a two man band consisting of Jed Kurzel vocal/guitar and Cec Condon drums/vocals. Wait two man rock band, what comes to mind The White Stripes right. Wrong, they sound nothing like The White Stripes. The sound of The Mess Hall is much grittier than that of the other dynamic duo. In their newest album For The Birds the vocals are often buried beneath with overwhelming low note progression. Stylistically, the band has a lot going for it, combining certain aspects of classic blues with the added bonus of vocal effects making the listener feel as though some of the songs were performed and recorded in an endless hall way, creating echoes and depth and richness of sound. Some tracks off of the new album give you the sense that they were loosely inspired by the Boss while others bare a more Ryan Adams feel. What makes things more interesting is the incorporation of ‘the funk’ with Beck-centric style in songs like Bell. Each song off of the album tells a different story and each is worth multiple listens. If you have never heard of The Mess Hall before, then this is a perfect album to spark your interest. It’s richness of content and familiar style makes this Aussie band feel accessible.

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