The Mary Onettes | A Look At Their New Album Islands

The Mary Onettes have released their second album Islands. The band is categorized as an indie dream pop style of band, which is an apt description of the Swedish bands style. Like some heart wrenching moment out of a 80’s teen movie, the cuts off of Islands’ resonate in the light haze of the band’s musical ambiance. Not to draw too direct of a comparison, but The Mary Onettes bare some similarities to bands such as The Cure and Jesus and Mary Chain, but what makes this band more than just another band in the lengthening list of retro revive bands popping up all over the globe is that they have made it enough their own so that when you listen to the album you don’t feel as though the musicians are trying to be something they are not. The music they have produced seems to come not as a forced menagerie of bands gone by but more as a synthesis of the uncongenially appreciation of all things 80’s. There are a few other bands that came out with albums this year that are within this reemerging style of music.

Unlike The Mary Onettes these bands all come out of the U.K. The White Lies, came out with their first album at the start of 09’ and has been gaining popularity ever since. The Big Pink and their album A Brief History Of Love seem to capture something through its Feedback riddled melodies. The XX or just XX released their first album in August of this year and for such a new band it is impressive just how refined the tracks that populate this self titled album really are. The keyboard and guitar play a more mood setting role on the album creating a flat often numbing sensation which in a very real way captures the essence of the 80’s.

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