Asobi Seksu | A Review of Rewolf

Shoegazers unite! It seems that the subgenre of shoegazer is one that can bridge language barriers. And its growing popularity of continent is becoming more prevalent. Two other bands come to mind, at least from this year, who fall into the near mystical class of music. Those bands are The Whitest Boy Alive based out of Germany and The Mary Onettes who hail from Sweden. Each band is distinct but bares that very identifiable feeling of a shoegazer/dream pop type band. Now, you can add the band Asobi Seksu to that list of notable musicians of that music scene. This album is not the first go around for the band that is based out of New York City. Rewolf is the fifth full length album that the band has released, the first under the band’s previous name Sportfuck. As with shoegazer bands the melodies in Rewolf put the foot peddles and keyboards through their paces. The lead vocalist of the band Yuki Chikudate performs a delicate set, genially drawing in the listener. Why you might what to listen to this album, boils down to the unique experience Rewolf provides incorporating very stylized vocal work and soothing instrumental performances. Key Tracks off of the album are, Breathe into Glass, Meh No Mae and Familiar Light.

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