Wolfmother | A Review of Cosmic Egg

The Biggest thing to come out of Australia since giant cans of Fosters beer, Wolfmother’s sophomore album entitled Cosmic Egg is also extremely intoxicating. Wolfmother seemed to come out of nowhere, as a cross between the White Stripes and Black Sabbeth they tore it up with cuts like Woman in their self-titled debut album a few years ago. What Wolfmother seems to have in spades is the talent and with the addition of two new members to the line up the album has taken on a different sound than their first, more ballsy and more epic in lyrical imagery. Nice touches of the old and the new are in Cosmic Egg rotating between metal, hard rock and bluesy numbers. While listening to Cosmic Egg you will feel as though the music is being blown through your ears and into your brain creating a gypsy riddled world filled with mythological creatures in a battle to the death, under a full moon psychedelically coloured with the blood of the fallen. Though that may be a bit sardonic the intent is pure. Wolfmother must be taken as a visceral experience like the feeling of bass that you get in your sternum during one of their shows every time a low note is hit.
It’s a driving album. If Cosmic Egg were the theme to a road trip it would take place on an endless stretch of dessert highway on the way to Las Vegas, picking up hitchhikers on the side of the road only to happily leave them stranded in even worse places then they began, making strange acquaintances with women that you meet standing in front of truck stop chapels along the way and in the end never really making it to your final destination. That’s the point though, the journey from point A to point B. As it stands, attempting to define a rock or metal band is like trying to catch the tail of a commit, or trying to bottle energy and sell it as a drink. People try and try to do it, but in the end you just look ridiculous and are left with the shakes.
Track List For Cosmic Egg Out October 27th

1. California Queen
2. New Moon Rising
3. White Feather
4. Sundail
5. In The Morning
6. 10,000 Feet
7. Cosmic Egg
8. Far Away
9. Pilgrim
10. In The Castle
11. Phoenix
12. Violence Of The Sun

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