Timbre Timbre | Demons Like To Dance To The Music Of Timbre Timbre

Timbre Timbre, a band out of Toronto Ontario, has been making some indie waves over the past few years. The band has put out two other album, 2006's Cedar Shakes and 2007's Medicinals. The self-titled third album has a distinctive musical flavour to it, one that is dark and consoling. Lead singer of the band, Taylor Kirk possesses a distinct vocal aptitude when singing and is able to reflect both an understated strength and overwhelming unease. They have the qualities of a band whose era is hard to put your finger on. Timbre Timbre is a part of the growing number of era nondescript concept bands, whose first impression always is the cause of some reflection. The thing is, this album could have been made in the 60's 70's 80's 90's etc. Blues, Folk and possibly the supernatural are the main influence for the self-titled album. Making the sound one that takes the listener to a world where imagery and mood could be likened to that of a Grimm Fairytale, played out to brooding melodies of a nondescript era.

As with bands such as, Dr. Dog, Sunset Rubdown, M. Ward, Deer Tick, Kings of Leon, and now Timbre Timbre, we are seeing a new bread of music. One that takes its influences from a host of genres and eras, what results is a style of music that is getting harder and harder to place. They do not come off as a style that is trying to be something from the past, or a style that is unfamiliar, it is simply a reflection of the musicians’ musical interests, which in the case of Timbre Timbre and its members seems to be diverse and refined. All of this may be a result of the sheer amount of readily available music at the touch of a button, from so many different eras. The history of modern/popular music now stretches back almost seventy years and it is available for anyone from now on to review, emulate, refine and do so without bounds. Taking the musical style of their choosing from any genre or era and make it their own. It’s that damn pot… it’s melted. Key Tracks off of this album are, Until The Night Is Over, Magic Arrow, I Get Low and No Bold Villain.

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