Royal Bangs | A Review of Let It Beep

Royal Bangs, a band out of Knoxville Tennessee, has just released their second album Let It Beep, an album that is filled with Beck-centric sounds. As a relatively new band the Royal Bangs have yet to make much of a name for themselves in the music industry. As a nice blend of electronica and indie rock Let It Beep gives little in terms of shocking originality or anything like that. Instead it offers us a fully functional set of tracks that provide the listener with what music should be an escape. The imagery of the album is secondary to the tone of the music, which is above all well paced. This self proclaimed ‘neo-soul’ band may not have the customary brooding attitude that one might ascribe to a ‘soulful’ band, but that does not mean that Royal Bangs does not have heart. Among the synth lined tracks and semi-power ballades is the impression of playful feelings mixed with self-deprecation for good measure. The bottom line on this band is that it has produced a quality album that should be enjoyed by all in the mood for a little bit of Tennessee goodness.

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