Editors | A Review of In This Light And On This Evening

The Editors have given us two albums before In This Light And On This Evening, both of which were lightly inspired by the sound of the 80’s. They were for the most part a straight indie alt-rock band and had the sound to prove it, but this new one has taken the idea of a reenvisioning the sound of the 80’s to a whole new level. Not to mention the vocal adjustment of lead singer Tom Smith to a somehow deeper expression of his singing style. The Editors have taken a new approach to this album adding familiar synth sounds that you may not be able to place all at once. On the track Bricks and Mortar the entire genesis of the song seems to be based around the ominous music that populated the background of the original Terminator movie. Although a variation from what you hear in the cult classic theme, the idea of taking something so deeply ingrained into the consciousness of a certain generation and twisting it into something new is either campy or genius. At some points of the album you feel like you are listening to New Order, that is not a bad thing. The whole 80’s reenvisioning seems to be gaining the most steam in the UK with bands like XX, Big Pink and others leading the charge. Why not they are only proving the idea of the 20 year cycle, what is that you might ask? The 20 year cycle simply put, revolves around the idea that every 20 years people or record labels seem to become nostalgic and look back two decades for inspiration and this is why the music and fashion of years gone by tends to reemerge in a slightly different form. What is the date again? 2009 right? How long will this re-varnished version of that decades music be around for, a year or two, maybe more. As for the Editors their new album is an interesting and pleasant mix of the new and old, like spraying canned new car smell in a 1984 Chevy Malibu. It’s enjoyable, slightly nostalgic and it may give some people a headache to be around. Key tracks on In This Light And On This Evening, Bricks and Mortar, The Boxer and Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool.

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