State Radio | A Review of Let It Go

State Radio combines an Irish influence with a deep Reggae/Ska base to produce a sound that is ideal for anyone hungry for a fresh offering from the particular genre of music. This Boston band has just released their latest album Let It Go. The last Reggae/Ska band to really make a mark this year was the Born Ruffians earlier this year. The sound of State Radio is more refined than that of the Born Ruffians, with smoother transitions and crisper vocals. Though, there is something to be said for raspy voices crackling over the hefty guitar riff. There is something about State Radio that places it into the interesting gray area that has started to consume the indie scene. Why they should impress us: the songs on the album are fast paced, and tout lyrics that are both challenging and engaging. State Radio may be the first band to successfully combine Reggae, Ska and Irish influences. Why they shouldn’t impress us: It’s not like Reggae, Ska or Irish music can be considered to be new or progressive. In the end though, Let It Go is an album that is well layered and leaves the listener with a sense of rebellion. If you like State Radio then you should check out Bedouin Sound Clash, they have a similar style and many great songs.

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