Islands | A Review Of Vapours

Some bands are more odd than good. Some bands are better as a concept than as a reality. Some bands’ musical offerings are only noticed as a result of their oddness of concept. Islands is a band that presents itself as odd but in reality their sound is synth saturated indie-rock. But that hardly ranks this band among the odd, synth and indie music go hand-in-hand. Islands is deeply imbedded in the Montreal indie scene; in their first studio album, there were guest appearances from some very notable musical acts such as Wolf Parade and Arcade Fire, also based out of Montreal. Though even with these fine musicians to lean on these guest appearance tracks could not savage the Islands’ album they contributed to. Return To The Sea, Islands’ first album which featured this other artists was still not very good. Never really making it as big as the other associated bands mentioned, Islands may find itself out in the cold on their new project. Most likely this album will go generally unnoticed and perhaps make it into a few episodes of a TV show, as one of the seemingly prerequisite indie tracks that find there way on to shows like Chuck and Vampire Diaries due to their inexpensive to attain nature, but it this album will not find its way into your music library. That being said, Vapours is an album which will satiate your need for Montreal indie music initially, but in the end will leave you wanting. There is something missing from this album, maybe it is heart or just a sense of energy but in the end Vapours is just another album.

The album leaked online on September 15, 2009 Out on the 22nd

Track List
Switched On
No You Don't
Disarming The Car Bomb
Tender Torture
On Foreigner

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