Fanfarlo: Reservoir

They may only have one album released but they have been around in the London indie scene for the past three years releasing singles through the label Sleeping States. They sound a lot like Arcade Fire, incorporating many different instruments into their recordings with various affects, along with the vocals of Simon Balthazar. His vocals are as close as you are going to get to Arcade Fire’s lead singer, but that is not a bad thing, Simon’s vocals are relaxed and every note seems to carry with it a sad hint of pain and posturing. With fifteen tracks on Fanfarlo’s debut album the one U.S. dollar as the original price seems to be a good buy. You see as a part of getting their names out there and rewarding longstanding fans the band released Reservoir on their own web site at its discount bin price. It doesn’t matter what you pay for an album or if you even pay for it at all if it isn’t worth listening to. With respect, this band’s work is worth at the very least one American dollar. Out of the fifteen tracks on this album there is a high rate of playability, some are a bit too whimsical and predictable for the more over involved listener, as for everyone else this album should provide a lovely experience, rich in sounds unheard on everyday radio. The horn and sting portions of this bands song catalogue are always a little bit unexpected yet welcome all the same. If they tour with this selection they will no doubt be a live show to be reckoned with, there is nothing like seeing four, five, six musicians all with different instruments come together and really execute a live performance of any song. There are also, touches of throwback melodies and tempos and reminiscent of 80’s pop, but isn't there a touch of Freddie Mercury in all us isn’t there?

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