The Whitest Boy Alive: Rules A Review

The Whitest Boy Alive would technically be described as shoegazer band, a title that becomes self-evident when watching the band perform not because the band members are bashful, but because their musical technique requires a lot peddle work in order to pull off. Personally, their sound seems more akin to an experimental jazz band with elevator music influences. Don’t let that description dissuade you, this band which hails from Germany have cornered the market with this style of music as their niche. The lead singer of this band is also the front man for another, possibly more relaxed band called the Kings Of Convenience. The Kings Of Convenience were and are a excellent band, attracting the likes of Feist to lend vocals on an album. But enough about The Kings Of Convenience, the latest offering from The Whitest Boy Alive, Rules is complex yet allows for a pleasant listening experience. Don’t expect anything too heave from these very white boys, all of the tracks off of this album are melodic and only reach a pace more akin to brisk jog than a head banging heart pounding power ballad. But, that is what the band is going for in terms of their musical style, that being said, Rules is great for what it is. Definitely not for all people and more of an acquired taste to be sure, but what The Whitest Boy Alive have going for them is quality. Rules is very refined and polished which makes it worth multiple listens. Some must have tracks off of Rules are, Courage, Dead End, High On The Heels, and 1517.

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