White Lies: To Lose My Life

If you haven’t already heard of them…You will. The White Lies are an Alt Rock band form West London, and they have just released their first album To Lose My Life. Relative unknowns in the Americas the White Lies have already reached # 1 on the UK Album Charts early this year. For good reason too, their newest album is so retro you may think on hearing it for the first time that Billy Idol has come back to the stage with a vengeance. Thankfully that is not the case, not that we don’t love Billy. These boys from London have made an album which incorporates the BIG sound music of the 80’s had in spades…think White Wedding, with song narratives that would make even the most hopeless romantic blink with lyrics like, “lets grow old together…and die at the same time”. You will definitely be hearing about this band over this summer. Songs from their debut album to keep an ear out for would be, To Lose My Life and From The Stars.

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