Metric: A Review of Fantasies

Emily Haines and her band Metric have come out with a new album Fantasies. As a type of She-Punk with a deep electronic foundation, Metric is a fine example of what happens when you take classically trained musicians put them in Montreal, then mix. This is just what happened in the formative years of the band, all members coming from some kind of Arts background whether it be training in Juilliard (James Shaw) or being the daughter of a well known poet (Emily Haines). Their newest offering is more ethereal if not confused than pervious albums. With lyrical visions of panic at conformity in one verse of a song, only to go on to make reference to identifying musical kinship with the Rolling Stones and The Beatles as an either or proposition in another. Is there a third option one less confirmative? Nevertheless, this album offers us a music selection which is inventive at some points and comfortingly familiar in others. Though, this album is far less appealing than others released by the band and if you are a fan of Metric you may be disappointed with this one. Songs from Fantasies that might be considered the best if not the only good songs of the album, Gimme Sympathy (acoustic), Help I'm Alive, Satellite Mind.

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