Deer Tick: Born On Flag Day 2009

Deer Tick, a band with a name that makes you want to squirm, with music that will make you swoon. The second album release of this band that hails from Providence Rhode Island titled Born on Flag Day. For, non Americans this album title may incite a chorus of eye rolls. That is until you realize the sheer accuracy of what the album title is pointing to. Deer Trick’s musical style is not a part of very popular folk or electronica movements emerging from the indie scenes around the world. No, Deer Tick takes its queues from Bob Dylan, with a lead singer’s always gritty vocals and almost American country western guitar riffs. Sometimes John McCauley, the lead singer of the band, can sing a bar from Born on Flag Day and almost transport you back to the time you first heard a Dylan song. That is not to say this band is unoriginal. In the current musical environment they are striking at the heart of what made American music great, in Deer Tick’s self defined style of blues, folk, and… grunge; all styles as American as apple pie. As for the album itself, Born on Flag Day is full of great tracks worth multiple listens. If anything this is a road trip album, you can almost picture yourself blissfully cursing across country with this album filling out the background with its subtle sounds.
Born on Flag Day - Track List:
Little White Lies
Smith Hill
Song About A Man
Houston, TX
Straight Into A Storm
Friday Xiii
The Ghost
Hell On Earth
Stung + Hidden
Track Good Night Irene

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