Born Ruffians: A Band To Look Out For

The Canadian indie rock band Born Ruffians draws on Influences such as the Pixies, and is akin to the musical styling of Vampire Weekend and M. Ward. The Born Ruffians are a talented new band out of Ontario Canada. Their first full length album Red, Yellow & Blue has a subtle ska influence, without the horns, not unlike other bands of that nature, like Modest Mouse. Don’t tell the members of Born Ruffians that, they insist that their sound is their own and any comparison to Modest Mouse is met with irritated expressions. And I for one would tend to agree, this album definitely has that, fresh out of the brain-oven smell to it. With a very raw sound that works for the new band. An interesting note, the band lives together in one house in Toronto, and they do their rehearsal work out of their basement. Songs to look out for on this album, I Need A Life, Badonkadonkey, Hedonistic Me.

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