Placebo: Battle for the Sun 2009

Through a fortunate circumstance, I have been able to obtain a prerelease of Placebo’s upcoming album, Battle For The Sun on June 8th. First impressions of the follow up to Meds are surprise for one. In the song entitled Ashtray Heart you can hear the effects of the New Order synth beats, with a style of song the band has not yet used, clap clap sing sing the band all sing together as vocals. It sounds fitting with the vocal styling of the lead singer, like they should have used the technique all along. A name pops up throughout the album, most likely in reference to the subject of the first track on the album Kitty, the name reappearing in Speak in Tongues and indirectly referred to in others. Having listened to all of their albums many times, a new addition to the discography is welcomed company among the rest. The melancholic undertones seem more subdued in this addition, filled with fast paced rhythms accompanying the sorrowful lyrics. Songs to keep an ear out for, Kitty Litter, Devil in the Details, Speak in Tongues, The Never-Ending Why…I think you get the point. If you are a fan of this often Overlooked-In-The-Americas band then this album should not be missed, but if you have never liked Placebo then this album might be the one that wins you over.
Battle for the Sun: Release Date June 8th 2009
Track List:
1. Kitty Litter
2. Astray Heart
3. Battle for the Sun
4. For What It’s Worth
5. Devil in the Details
6. Bright Lights
7. Speak in Tongues
8. The Never-Ending Why
9. Julien
10. Happy You’re Gone
11. Breathe Underwater
12. Come Undone
13. Kings of Medicine

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