Handsome Furs

A husband and wife duo from Montreal, their first album entitled Plague Park was and remains relatively unknown and off of the mainstreams radar. It’s a pity given the albums unique blend of dark and thoughtful vocal style accompanied by seemingly effortless rhythms. This is not straight forward rock by any means; it is more of a hybrid between Montreal indie rock and at some times Eastern European Electro. This may sound like a strange combination but does in fact provide a pleasing result a sweeping album that is worth multiple listens. Hate This City, Cannot Get Stared and Sing! Captain are some of the best songs on the album have really establish this band as something peculiar and wonderful. Click on the link to watch the Music Video for Dumb Animal another good song off of this album. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LitP_0wutqc&feature=related

With their sophomore album only being out a few mouths now it is hard to say this band is something of a newcomer. While watching an interview with the band for their most recent album Face Control and interested fact popped up regarding the bands beliefs surrounding copyrights. When asked about touring and how the lead singer Danny made poignant comment regarding to future of the music industry. He made reference to the futility of trying to commoditize music albums and how the digital revolution in music will directly affect how bands earn money. Essentially, since almost every album is readily available to anyone with an internet connection for free then the only way to make money as a band in the future will be to earn it through performances. Watch the interview and a performance from the band’s new album Legal Tender. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35Jfc1PGCg8&feature

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